Tips on playing Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a popular game which can be played on your Android or iOS devices. Clash Royale is quite similar to that of the clash of clans because it also has characters, Gold, troops, chests and many similar elements.

How to play clash Royale

Gold is an important currency in this game which helps the players to upgrade their troop and buy more weapons. So one should spend the gold wisely because getting gold is quite difficult.

Most of the players mainly concentrate on attacking the opponent by starting heavily. But in order to reach a higher level in Clash Royale, you will have to defend and then counter the players with a solid offense. Now you can easily take out the tower. One should be very much precise and take sufficient time before they take any move and never pick whatever card is coming in your way. One can also perform the rush attacking in the middle of the game by attacking the side towers. Though the middle tower decides the fate still attacking any side tower will distract their troops.

When you will start playing the game you won’t be able to access the spells but within some weeks of playing you can use the freeze spell. Then you have to reach 4 levels in order to unlock the rage spell. Freeze spell is very effective as it helps you to freeze your opponent. This helps to get an instant last minute victory. Whereas the rage spell helps to increase the speed, damage causing power, and movement. After you drop the skeleton giant or giant, wait for few minutes and then drop this rage spell. Now the troops will easily destroy the base.

In Clash Royale many players drop the trophies in order to compete with opponents with lower opponents. So in Clash Royale, it is advised not to drop trophies because it will stop your progress and you will be refrained from beating your real opponents. And whenever you are competing in lower areas you will also be getting fewer rewards. So try to reach Arena 3 quickly and keep upgrading the troops for enhancing your chance of winning. To reach arena 3 quickly, simply use a clash royale hack.

As you won’t be able to control your troops’ attacking strategy so try to increase the speed of attacking so that they can easily destroy the side towers and proceed to the middle one.

These are some of the tips which one should avoid if they want to play Clash Royale efficiently.

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