Tips on playing Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a popular game which can be played on your Android or iOS devices. Clash Royale is quite similar to that of the clash of clans because it also has characters, Gold, troops, chests and many similar elements.

How to play clash Royale

Gold is an important currency in this game which helps the players to upgrade their troop and buy more weapons. So one should spend the gold wisely because getting gold is quite difficult.

Most of the players mainly concentrate on attacking the opponent by starting heavily. But in order to reach a higher level in Clash Royale, you will have to defend and then counter the players with a solid offense. Now you can easily take out the tower. One should be very much precise and take sufficient time before they take any move and never pick whatever card is coming in your way. One can also perform the rush attacking in the middle of the game by attacking the side towers. Though the middle tower decides the fate still attacking any side tower will distract their troops.

When you will start playing the game you won’t be able to access the spells but within some weeks of playing you can use the freeze spell. Then you have to reach 4 levels in order to unlock the rage spell. Freeze spell is very effective as it helps you to freeze your opponent. This helps to get an instant last minute victory. Whereas the rage spell helps to increase the speed, damage causing power, and movement. After you drop the skeleton giant or giant, wait for few minutes and then drop this rage spell. Now the troops will easily destroy the base.

In Clash Royale many players drop the trophies in order to compete with opponents with lower opponents. So in Clash Royale, it is advised not to drop trophies because it will stop your progress and you will be refrained from beating your real opponents. And whenever you are competing in lower areas you will also be getting fewer rewards. So try to reach Arena 3 quickly and keep upgrading the troops for enhancing your chance of winning. To reach arena 3 quickly, simply use a clash royale hack.

As you won’t be able to control your troops’ attacking strategy so try to increase the speed of attacking so that they can easily destroy the side towers and proceed to the middle one.

These are some of the tips which one should avoid if they want to play Clash Royale efficiently.

Bullet Force: Get to Know About It

Bullet Force is a good multiplayer game that is developed by Blayze Games (Lucas Wilde). It is playable as an Android app, in the browser on CrazyGames and also as an iOS app. So it will be available on basically every device.

It also boasts of great 3d graphics. Players will just have to create a room where they can invite others and join in on the shooting fun. Players will also get to purchase extensions and weapons like the deadly machine gun and then go on to RPG with everyone. Bullet force is an online first-person shooter game where players have to use a variety of guns and other explosives to kill people which results in bloodshed. So parents should be warned about that. But there is no cussing, sex or use of alcohol or drugs. Here are some of the other features:

There are many weapons players will get to choose from like the M67 Frag, Compact.45 or M4A1. To unlock all weapons fast you will have to use a bullet force hack.

There are a lot of game modes like Free for All, Team Deathmatch, Conquest or Gun Game.

The multiplayer modes allow one to play against other players worldwide and also play practice matches against bots.

Kill streaks unlocks special abilities which players can use in the game.

If players want to purchase new weapons, they will have to buy the existing in-game currency. This can be done either by spending real money or by watching the ads in the game. With this players will even be able to customize the existing weapons- both aesthetically and functionally.

It should be noted that there is also no privacy policy in place- in the game or even online, although the Google play page states otherwise.


High-quality 3D graphics are needed, which should be customizable in the settings menu. But here are the control keys required to play the game on PC:

Use WASD to move.

Click on the mouse to shoot

Press on the space-bar to jump

Use shift to run

Press on P to pause the game.

Press on entering to re-spawn

Press enter to re-spawn in the game

Press E to pick up a gun from the ground.

Press G to throw a grenade at your opponents.

Press F to use a knife

Press on C to crouch in the game.

Use 2 to change the weapon being used.

Use the arrow keys for kill streaks

Press R to reload your weapon.

Press Tab key for keeping the scores.

Tab key for the score

Bullet force is a game which is absolutely a blast to play if people want to play a shooter game to enjoy.

iPhone Tutorial: How to Free Up System Disk Space

iPhone is the first revolutionary mobile phone developed by Apple. This new Smartphone is considered to be the best mobile phone in the market today that allows you to do everything you do on your notebook or desktop computer. One of the best feature about this iPhone is that it uses the concept of touch screen i.e. iPhone is operated with the help of your fingers and that makes it super cool phone, among several other smart phones.
Since, this is the first time for the Apple Company to introduce the iPhone, they have not been able to make this iPhone up to the customer’s satisfaction but there is no need to worry as several programmers are working to give a name to this iPhone and I will be helping the end users to make their iPhone a complete Smartphone.

Since, Apple iPhone is a smart mobile phone so it uses an operating system to run the same. It uses Symbian operating system and has around 300MB of total disk space available for system operations. Basically, this space is meant for operating system contents like various applications that you might want to install in order to enhance your iPhone but unfortunately you might have only few MBs left probably 30-40 MB only.

There is no need to worry about it, since, I am going to teach you a way by which you can increase this system disk space and free yourself from all worries until you install hundreds of applications on it.

NOTE: Please make sure that you do have ‘installer’ application installed on your iPhone. If you have performed jailbreak on your iPhone that you would probably have ‘installer’ application installed on your iPhone. Without the ‘installer application’ you will not be able to perform tweaks or install third party application on your iPhone.

I assume that you have the installer application installed on your iPhone, so, here is the step by step guide to free system disk space of your Apple iPhone.

Step 1: Switch on your Wi-Fi by going to Settings and then tap the Wi-Fi option. Switch on the Wi-Fi and select the desired network after available networks have been found. Now, go to installer icon by tapping it.

Step 2: Tap the install icon located below and from the categories, select ‘Utilities’. From the utilities window, select ‘BossTool’ and finally press the ‘Install’ button located on the top right corner to install the application.

Now, the application will install itself on the iPhone and after the application has been successfully installed, it will return to the categories of the installer application.

Step 3: Press the ‘HOME’ button of your iPhone, the one located on the lower center of the iPhone. Now, the springboard will reboot itself and then after a few seconds you will notice the BossTool installed on your iPhone.

Step 4: Tap the ‘BossTool’ to open the ‘BossTool’ application window. The first time it will ask you to donate but you can select ‘Donate later’ to skip the donation process. Tap the ‘Free Disk Space’ option to open the sub options.

Step 5: From there tap the ‘Relocate Fonts’ option to move the fonts from the system disk space to the 2nd partition that is meant to store programs other than system programs. Press the ‘Do it’ button to initiate the process. Once the process is successfully completed, it will return you to the BossTool options. Now, it will show ‘Fonts Already Moved’.

Now, you will notice that the free space has increased by about 80-90 MB as compared to earlier which could be anything depending on the number of applications on your iPhone. On my iPhone, the initial free space was 30 MB and thereafter it increased to 117 MB.

If you want to free more system space, then you can choose the other 2 options i.e. Relocate ringtones amp; Relocate Applications but my advice is not to choose those 2 options unless and until you are really very low on system space.

What is Mobile Legends all about?

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a MOBA or an online multiplayer game played over a battle arena. The main theme of the game is to take part in battles against the opponent and destroy their base while defending your own. There are three types of lanes, the bottom, the middle and the top. These are directly connected to the bases and give you control of the path.

Each team has five players who are also known as avatars or heroes. These characters are controlled from mobile phones. There are other weaker characters controlled by the computer. These characters are known as “minions” and take part in the battles together with the avatars. The game is designed exclusively for the mobile phones and can be played over android as well as iOS platforms.

Choose your own heroes for the battle

The most interesting aspect of Mobile Legends is that it can be played against real human opponents. This helps in creating a more realistic gameplay. You can team up with your favorite players to build a strong team. There are also no restrictions when it comes to choosing the avatars. However, you will have to complete a given set of tasks to unlock the more powerful characters. The common activities in the game are tower rushing, jungling, laning and team battles.

Strategizing and teamwork

This is a strategy game, and to emerge victorious in a battle, you need to have a well-developed strategy. Teaming up with strong comrades can make it easier for you to take over enemies and grow more powerful. You can also heal your teammates and block damage from the enemies as you go further into the game. New avatars are continuously added to the game, and each has its own special powers. You can choose from a range of assassins, tanks, marksmen, mages, supports and more to create the type of gameplay you want with mobile legends hack tool.

Easy controls

One of the aspects that make Mobile Legends so popular is that it has very easy controls. There are two buttons towards the right and a virtual joystick through which you can control your characters. Hence, you can play the entire game using only two fingers. This ensures that you do not experience any finger fatigue even if you play the game for a prolonged period of time. This ensures that you never miss a tap, thereby making the gameplay a lot more interesting.

Now it is possible to get Clash Royale Free Gems

Have you ever played the Clash Royale game? If the answer is no and you do not know anything about it, then read this article and get to know everything about it in a few minutes. Everyone loves to play the game in his or her childhood, and this gradually builds interest in him or her. Many games online promise their users to provide them with utmost experience but ultimately fail to provide the most of the experience. However, the Clash Royale game provides their users and player an innovative platform to get the real experience of the game.

This game has multiplied their player each month, and it continues to provide them the real experience of the game that most of the people are in search off. The players love to play Clash Royale hack gems as it provides them various tips to get the gems in abundance. The tips and tricks help them to collect Clash Royale Free Gems not only in abundance but also help them to know where to use those free gems. If you fail to defeat the opponent, then this will be not the case after you read the paragraph below.

By using the hack tools you can get Free Gems for playing Clash Royale:

The hack tool lets you get unlimited gems that are not only rare but also epic. This will let you build a valuable currency. You can collect the Clash Royale Free Gems effortlessly by using it.

It also lets you get the valuable currencies like the gold, elixir so that you can make use of it in the game and win the game with your build strategy.

The cheat or hack tool gives the player a boosting experience of the game and lets the player encounter the opponent very easily. You can take the full advantages of the tools and hack to trick and fool your opponent and get the Clash Royale Free Gems very easily.

No matter you have the money to buy gold or gems; such hack tools help you to get the precious gems. It also lets you stay ahead in the game without any bully by the opponent.

Therefore, to experience the game and get Clash Royale Free Gems, you need to know more about the hack and cheat tools. If you want to taste the real flavor of the game, then make use of the tools and avail their benefits quickly. The tools and cheat provide the player a new experience that no other game offers.

Guns of Boom Hack- why choose it? Guns of Boom Hack- why choose it?

The trend of online and LAN gaming has gradually increased with immense speed in the past few years. Still, there come such opportunities when it is difficult for you to figure out the perfect ways of dealing with the critical stages of the game. One such game that is loved by millions of individuals today is the Guns of Boom. The game is really immersive and can be played on your mobile phone anytime and anywhere! But what’s the major issue that you may face? Well, certain stages of the game are actually so critical, that you need to find some relevant support to cross them, and thus, the only support in such situations is the Guns of Boom Hack. The credible hacks let you get immense benefits within minutes and beat your opponents with a perfect win.

How does the Guns of Boom Hack iOS help you out?

During the curse of this game, there are several stages that you may need to cross. Moreover, at the same time, killing more opponents and saving your lives is essential. The whole game runs on gold and gunbucks. But while you play the game, the most difficult thing that you may face is the scarcity of these resources.

When you start playing the game and log in with your account, there is a preset amount of resources provided to you; they may slowly end up while you advance in the levels and thus, the most effective thing that helps you here is the Guns of Boom Hack. The hack lets you enjoy the unlimited access to these resources that stay with you throughout the course of your game. Moreover, they are helpful as they let you get a good position in the game.

How to make the use of this hack tool and where to get it?

There are uncountable online websites and platforms that claim to provide you with the best hack. But, the major problem that arises is the security issue. While you plan to choose a hack tool, always make sure that it has been used by others and is reliable. To use the tool, you have to visit the official page of any credible website that provides you with the hack resources. Now click on the generator button, provide your info like the username, enter the no. of gold and gun bucks that you need and confirm the choice. It’s done! Thus, getting a Guns of Boom Hack is actually very easy and fascinating.

Easy Ways for You to Score Diamonds

One piece of information that you should definitely try to get as quickly as possible while playing Hay Day is the fact that there are two types of currency in the game overall. There are coins, of course, which can be used to buy a variety of things and are actually quite easy to earn. If you are a little experienced in the game you might know a thing or two about diamonds and how they can be used to buy things as well. Diamonds are a lot more valuable, so you need to think of as many ways as possible to earn them.

The Easiest Technique

One Hay Day hack that you can use in order to earn as many diamonds as possible is focus on experience rather than earning money. This might sound a little bit odd, but the truth of the matter is that you would be able to pretty easily get diamonds since every time you level up you are going to get a couple for your efforts. The creators of the game knew that just coins would not be enough for people that have worked hard enough to level up. Hence, doing activities that might not earn you a lot of money in the short term because they swap money out for experience might actually be a good idea when you consider the fact that you are going to end up getting full-fledged diamonds in the long term.

Another Hay Day hack that you can implement would involve you just taking the time out to connect with Hay Day on social media. Liking the Facebook page would allow you to enjoy a brand new diamond for sure. There is yet another Hay Day hack that you can look into as well, and this one would involve you getting no less than five actual diamonds, a huge amount when you consider just how mind bogglingly simple the task you have been given is. In order to get five diamonds on the spot without any kind of extra effort whatsoever, all you are going to have to do is log in to your Hay Day account through Facebook rather than using your email address. It would be better if you do this from the get go rather than later because you might end up losing your old account after you log in through Facebook.

Mystery Box Hay Day hack

You may not believe it, but a rather amazing Hay Day hack involves checking out the mystery boxes that you might see lying around. There is always something or the other of value that you would be able to find in there, but another thing that you need to keep in mind is that sometimes you could end up finding a diamond in them! The best thing for you to do in this situation is to just make sure that you use pretty much every single mystery box that you find lying around. If nothing else, you are going to end up getting a different item of value.

One more thing to keep in mind is that you are not going to find all that many mystery boxes out there, so a much better idea would be to just collect as much experience as possible. Live a life of poverty to start off with, don’t earn that much money just so you would be able to make the most of your experience points and then when you finally get to the point where you are at the 24th level, getting diamonds is going to become the easiest thing in the world.

This is because of the fact that you would be able to mine for them. There are a lot of locations where you would be mining for diamonds, areas where there are actual mineral deposits. After a little while you would become absolutely rich, with so many diamonds that money is pretty much never going to be an issue again. The important thing to note here is that you are investing your time in a way, and it is fair to say that you are being amply compensated.

Key Facts To Know About Snapchat Hack


Key Facts To Know About Snapchat Hack

This is the fact that using a hack tool help a lot even this is about any game or social networking account. The use of a hack tool can avail you the password of any user account. Most of the tools are paid which claim to have lots of function but in reality, they are spam tools. Snapchat hack is the best tool to get into account of your lover, any home member, friend and anyone else. If you are willing to do this thing then consider some safety things to know before getting started because this thing can be harmful to you.


Little Bit Information Regarding Snapchat

Snapchat seems new application but this is in the application store from a long time. Most of the people who are using it love to use camera features. There are lots of modes in camera and some of the face filters double the fun of using it. You can download it from apple app store and Google play store according to your Smartphone platform. This application is developed by snap inc. And it was started many years ago but the application was launched in September of 2011. There is also one more thing called as geo filter which provides awesome city logo on the picture.


How does Geo-Filters Work?

You may have seen that most of the people stories have the beautiful frame or you can call this filter so how they get it. Well, these are called as geo filter which works on locations services but if the Snapchat is unable to get location then this won’t work. Android users can turn in on from settings. Many Smartphone companies provide location button in notification panel to have an easy access. If you are an Apple user then visit setting and then location service. If it is turned on but still Snapchat asks to turn on location service then open the same option and look for Snapchat in it. The Geo filter and any other service don’t cause any issue with the use of Snapchat hack tool.


Precautions To Consider

There are many things which you need to consider using it safely. The first thing is don’t try to hack someone account when he/she is using it or the internet on his/her device is turned on. This way the tool won’t work and you can be traced. In this condition, try using Snapchat hack in any unusual time. Using this tool in night time will provide you more safety. You can message the person on any application and if the message is sent but not received then this is the best time. You can use VPN in your Smartphone because this will encrypt data and the virtual network connection to hack tool website will be established. This is the direct connection which means no one can watch you using this tool.

The safety method and tool mentioned in this article is the best one. This is called exclusive because no other tool works this much safe.

Is Instagram Hack valuable?


Is Instagram Hack valuable?

Instagram is a trendy social site in which millions of people create their own account. They interact with their friends and also new people. In the modern world with the help of Instagram and other social sites, the distance of people is decreasing because they interact with video chat. They linked Instagram with Facebook. It can be accessed by mobile phones or PC’s but in PC’s people share only their pictures and videos. In Instagram photos and videos can be shared instantly. In this modern technology world trend of networking application is very common and increase rapidly. Instagram is popular photo sharing, famous and growing social site. Now in Instagram people share their videos live and linked these videos to other social networking sites. In this developing era, anything can be hacked. The Instagram hack is an online tool which is the best alternative to hack any particular account. The hacking process with such hacking tool is a simple and easy process. By tutorial and guides, you can able to learn all the steps of hack method. Now the demand of hack tool is rising day by day. Hack provides anti-ban security for secure their identity for the virus.


Core concepts about Instagram Hack

This particular hack is a really wonderful tool. The Instagram account hacker is not hard to hack. You can hack anyone account by following the instructions written on it. Hack tool is very useful for different categories of people like; parents, friends, youngsters. The hack is the virus free tool because it is online. Hack has many standards like; easy to use, user-friendly, safe and secure. The mentioned hack tool is a well-known hacking tool used by a large number of proportions. It works very well so every day many people request for help from this hacking tool. The tool set a benchmark in information technology sector. As you know that there are different attractive features and benefits for the tool and it is the main reason why people like this tool.


Pros and cons of Instagram

Each tool has its own pros and cons similarly hack tool has also their own pros and cons. These are some pros – you can take photos with your friends and instantly share on Instagram, in this, some users meet new people. They make friends and also share their life experiences. It is such an enjoyable and awesome experience, some people share their photos and stories for fame and name, it is a way to earn a lot. Now, these are some cons of the hack- it is such as addictive social site so use these social sites in a limit, some wrong type of people also meet on Instagram they give you a very bad experience. In the above information as you know that hack is a well-developed and growing tool. At last, we can say, the mentioned hack is simply best in the business and will only take your social media experience to another level.

How To Deal With Clash of Clans Hackers

Positive Aspects About Clash Of Clans

In these days, the trend of playing a video game is increasing rapidly day by day and a huge number of youngsters are playing such games. Clash of clans is one of the popular video games and if you are a game lover then you must hear about this game. There are a lot of games but this game attracts the attention of people by the unique and interesting concept. If you are going to play this first time which means if you are a beginner then it takes a little time to understand the game because it is a mind game. Apart from this; with the help of the Clash of clans hack gems, you can get the resources in the highest amount. Now I am going to give you some information about this in the upcoming paragraphs and with the help of that, you can grab the knowledge easily.

 What is Clash of Clans hack?

While every player knows of this, not everyone wants to use it. Let me take you deep about this with the appropriate knowledge.  This is an online hacking tool by which you are able to play the game in an easy way with the unlimited number of resources. This is based on the anti-banned method which means if you are using this then you don’t need to take worry about the account deactivation. This is free of cost which is the attractive part which means you are not required to pay any type of amount. You also don’t need to download this because it is an online generator and with this, you are also able to save your device by the virus.

The importance of the Clash of Clans hack:

This hacking tool is very important in the game and if you are playing this game then you must know about this properly. Whenever you don’t get the proper benefits of this, you can create the interest in the game. As we take earlier about the resources, theses are important and if you want to get that in unlimited amount then the only thing can help you which is the COC hack. With the help of this tool, you are able to play the game in the desired way because when you have unlimited gems then you can use that without any tension. You can also get that resources by playing the game and winning the battles but this is very time-consuming thing. Now no one wants to waste time in the waiting so with the use of COC Hack you can easily get resources in a short time.

How to play Clash of Clans?

Make your base more defensive so that no one can steal your treasure. This is the first important thing that you should do in the game and in this you just need to make the town in the center of the base. Now it’s the turn to go shop so that you can buy those items by which you can protect your base. In this game, you can see the gold, elixirs which are the resources and play an important role while playing the game. You should spend such resources wisely and try to use that smartly. If we talk about the gems then you have to aware about that it comes in a few amount.

Moreover; with the help of this article, you can easily get the proper knowledge about the Clash of Clans which is the best ever game. By playing this game you can easily kill the free time.  Some people think that they can play the game without any help of this website which is the biggest stupidity and if you are going to play then don’t make this stupidity. If you are eager to play this in a better way then you must use the COC hack. You can easily enhance your gaming experience by this because of the exciting levels. The whole game is around the base and you must try to do the best possible efforts in order to protect your treasure and the base and upgrade that. In nutshell; if you are getting bored and you have nothing to do then this game will give you the best time and you can use that time in playing. You can also play this with your friends because it is a multiplayer video game.