Bullet Force: Get to Know About It

Bullet Force is a good multiplayer game that is developed by Blayze Games (Lucas Wilde). It is playable as an Android app, in the browser on CrazyGames and also as an iOS app. So it will be available on basically every device.

It also boasts of great 3d graphics. Players will just have to create a room where they can invite others and join in on the shooting fun. Players will also get to purchase extensions and weapons like the deadly machine gun and then go on to RPG with everyone. Bullet force is an online first-person shooter game where players have to use a variety of guns and other explosives to kill people which results in bloodshed. So parents should be warned about that. But there is no cussing, sex or use of alcohol or drugs. Here are some of the other features:

There are many weapons players will get to choose from like the M67 Frag, Compact.45 or M4A1. To unlock all weapons fast you will have to use a bullet force hack.

There are a lot of game modes like Free for All, Team Deathmatch, Conquest or Gun Game.

The multiplayer modes allow one to play against other players worldwide and also play practice matches against bots.

Kill streaks unlocks special abilities which players can use in the game.

If players want to purchase new weapons, they will have to buy the existing in-game currency. This can be done either by spending real money or by watching the ads in the game. With this players will even be able to customize the existing weapons- both aesthetically and functionally.

It should be noted that there is also no privacy policy in place- in the game or even online, although the Google play page states otherwise.


High-quality 3D graphics are needed, which should be customizable in the settings menu. But here are the control keys required to play the game on PC:

Use WASD to move.

Click on the mouse to shoot

Press on the space-bar to jump

Use shift to run

Press on P to pause the game.

Press on entering to re-spawn

Press enter to re-spawn in the game

Press E to pick up a gun from the ground.

Press G to throw a grenade at your opponents.

Press F to use a knife

Press on C to crouch in the game.

Use 2 to change the weapon being used.

Use the arrow keys for kill streaks

Press R to reload your weapon.

Press Tab key for keeping the scores.

Tab key for the score

Bullet force is a game which is absolutely a blast to play if people want to play a shooter game to enjoy.

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