Tips on playing Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a popular game which can be played on your Android or iOS devices. Clash Royale is quite similar to that of the clash of clans because it also has characters, Gold, troops, chests and many similar elements.

How to play clash Royale

Gold is an important currency in this game which helps the players to upgrade their troop and buy more weapons. So one should spend the gold wisely because getting gold is quite difficult.

Most of the players mainly concentrate on attacking the opponent by starting heavily. But in order to reach a higher level in Clash Royale, you will have to defend and then counter the players with a solid offense. Now you can easily take out the tower. One should be very much precise and take sufficient time before they take any move and never pick whatever card is coming in your way. One can also perform the rush attacking in the middle of the game by attacking the side towers. Though the middle tower decides the fate still attacking any side tower will distract their troops.

When you will start playing the game you won’t be able to access the spells but within some weeks of playing you can use the freeze spell. Then you have to reach 4 levels in order to unlock the rage spell. Freeze spell is very effective as it helps you to freeze your opponent. This helps to get an instant last minute victory. Whereas the rage spell helps to increase the speed, damage causing power, and movement. After you drop the skeleton giant or giant, wait for few minutes and then drop this rage spell. Now the troops will easily destroy the base.

In Clash Royale many players drop the trophies in order to compete with opponents with lower opponents. So in Clash Royale, it is advised not to drop trophies because it will stop your progress and you will be refrained from beating your real opponents. And whenever you are competing in lower areas you will also be getting fewer rewards. So try to reach Arena 3 quickly and keep upgrading the troops for enhancing your chance of winning. To reach arena 3 quickly, simply use a clash royale hack.

As you won’t be able to control your troops’ attacking strategy so try to increase the speed of attacking so that they can easily destroy the side towers and proceed to the middle one.

These are some of the tips which one should avoid if they want to play Clash Royale efficiently.

Bullet Force: Get to Know About It

Bullet Force is a good multiplayer game that is developed by Blayze Games (Lucas Wilde). It is playable as an Android app, in the browser on CrazyGames and also as an iOS app. So it will be available on basically every device.

It also boasts of great 3d graphics. Players will just have to create a room where they can invite others and join in on the shooting fun. Players will also get to purchase extensions and weapons like the deadly machine gun and then go on to RPG with everyone. Bullet force is an online first-person shooter game where players have to use a variety of guns and other explosives to kill people which results in bloodshed. So parents should be warned about that. But there is no cussing, sex or use of alcohol or drugs. Here are some of the other features:

There are many weapons players will get to choose from like the M67 Frag, Compact.45 or M4A1. To unlock all weapons fast you will have to use a bullet force hack.

There are a lot of game modes like Free for All, Team Deathmatch, Conquest or Gun Game.

The multiplayer modes allow one to play against other players worldwide and also play practice matches against bots.

Kill streaks unlocks special abilities which players can use in the game.

If players want to purchase new weapons, they will have to buy the existing in-game currency. This can be done either by spending real money or by watching the ads in the game. With this players will even be able to customize the existing weapons- both aesthetically and functionally.

It should be noted that there is also no privacy policy in place- in the game or even online, although the Google play page states otherwise.


High-quality 3D graphics are needed, which should be customizable in the settings menu. But here are the control keys required to play the game on PC:

Use WASD to move.

Click on the mouse to shoot

Press on the space-bar to jump

Use shift to run

Press on P to pause the game.

Press on entering to re-spawn

Press enter to re-spawn in the game

Press E to pick up a gun from the ground.

Press G to throw a grenade at your opponents.

Press F to use a knife

Press on C to crouch in the game.

Use 2 to change the weapon being used.

Use the arrow keys for kill streaks

Press R to reload your weapon.

Press Tab key for keeping the scores.

Tab key for the score

Bullet force is a game which is absolutely a blast to play if people want to play a shooter game to enjoy.

Why the Palm Centro Has the Best Smartphone Keyboard

One day, I went into the local Verizon store to look at smartphones. But I wasn’t looking at the phones themselves, so much as their keyboards. That’s right; my mission was to try out every keyboard they had there, and see which one was the best.
I like the Blackberry Curve’s generously-sized keyboard, even though I had to hit a shift key in order to enter a period. And the Moto Q had the largest keyboard of any phone there, making it easy to type on (albeit hard to fit in your pocket). But my favorite keyboard was also the smallest; the tiny, corncob rows of rubber chiclets that make up the Palm Centro’s keyboard.

Here’s why I liked it so much, in the exacting detail that only a typing enthusiast (or fanatic) could write. And as a bonus, it seems this whole article applies to the Palm Treo Pro, the older Treo models, and the upcoming Pre as well! I haven’t tried any of them out, but they look exactly the same except that the rows are larger and more rounded. So early adopters, take note!

Full Qwerty layout

You’d think this would be a given. But it wasn’t on the Blackberry Pearl and Blackberry Storm (held in portrait mode), both very popular smartphones. They have keyboards that cram multiple letters onto each key. I tried to figure it out on the Blackberry Storm smartphone they had there, but couldn’t make heads or tails of it.

One of the salespeople there told me that one of their units was messed up, so that may have been part of the problem. But he also said that it could take the smartphone a few weeks to adjust to your typing style, because it used some kind of predictive software.

Weeks? I don’t have time for that! And I’m not even using my phone to send text messages. I doubt many of you want to wait that long, either, so I repeat: Despite its small size, the Palm Centro smartphone has a full qwerty keyboard. Not only that, but the part that it uses for numbers is a different color from the rest of the keyboard and is laid out like a normal phone keypad, so you’ll be able to make phone calls easily. How cool is that?

Compact size

Some people may see this as a disadvantage, especially people with large hands. But because of its keyboard’s tininess — about an inch high and two inches wide — the Palm Centro is the most compact smartphone Palm’s made so far, and is comparable in size to less fully-featured smartphones by other manufacturers.

Like I said, it’s not for everyone. Before buying any smartphone you should do what I did, and try it out in person to make sure that you like it and can type well enough on it. But you may find that the Palm Centro’s keyboard is surprisingly easy to type on, because of its …

Superior Quality

The Blackberry Curve had extremely large buttons, in order to accomodate people’s fingertips. But I still found the keys somewhat hard to press; it felt like my fingers wanted to slide off of them. Of non-Palm Centro smartphones, only the Moto Q was really ideal for typing, and it ran Windows Mobile … not the best solution for most people.

The reason that the Palm Centro smartphone can get away with having such tiny keys is because their rubber chiclet design makes them easy to press … not with your fingertips, but with your fingernails. My thumbnails find easy purchase on each key, and they press into the unit with a rubbery squeak and a satisfying click. I have noticed some of the keys start to get scratched this way, but I’ve also found that it’s not as difficult as it seems to type without my nails … it just doesn’t feel as natural.

Another thing I like about the Palm Centro smartphone’s keyboard is that it’s backlit. And the light level is tied to the screen brightness, so you can selectively dim it in bright light or make it easier to see at nighttime. It’s very convenient!

The Upshot

Aside from the scratches my nails make, the one thing I don’t like about the Palm Centro smartphone’s keyboard is the way that the battery cover sometimes creaks while I’m using it. That battery cover is the bane of all Centro owners, and you will learn to dislike it if you buy a Palm Centro.

Having said that, I like the Palm Centro smartphone as a whole, and the keyboard is a big part of the reason why. I wasn’t even too disappointed that I could not get a Bluetooth keyboard to work with my Centro. Using the built-in keyboard, I can type faster than I could enter Graffiti characters with the stylus on my old Palm Organizer … faster that I can write by hand, in fact.

How fast? Well, I typed up this article using my Palm Centro’s keyboard. How’s that for you?

Anyway. Whichever smartphone you decide to get, have fun with it!

Everything That You Need To Know About Free Fire Battlegrounds Game

There are thousands of games available out there which you can play at your leisure time. But you see not all games are worth your time. Unless a game is as good as the Free Fire Battlegrounds, there is no point investing your time in it. The Free Fire Battlegrounds is one of the most hit and popular games of survival. Playing against 49 players is not that easy. You will be requiring a great deal of skill and great strategies in order to turn the game in your favor. Or you can also use the Free Fire Battlegrounds cheats if you want to give your win a little extra boost!

About the game

Free Fire Battlegrounds is a third person shooter game. The game is in the form of a survival battle royale. 50 players are brought in an isolated island where only one of them will win. The game is all about survival, the last one standing. In the game, players are free to choose their starting position, grab supplies and weapons in order to enhance their chances of survival in the battleground. With time the battleground continues to shrink. These force players to get engaged with each other in a diverse and tactical environment. In short, Free Fire Battlegrounds is the ultimate survival game. The game is quite realistic and comes with great graphics and easy to use controls. Once you start playing the game, it is going to be hard for you to resist it especially if you are more into shooting games. We recommend using a free fire battlegrounds diamonds hack to help you with your character customization!

About the gameplay

Different people from different classes and backgrounds are brought together on an isolated island by a mysterious organization which is known as ‘FF’. At the beginning of the game, they were told that only one of them could leave the island alive while others will not. Each of these people was either attracted by the FF’s bounty game or were kidnapped by them. The organizations FF treats every one of them as a test subject and thus, hypnotizes them genetically modify them and brainwash them as well. These testers have lost most of their memories. The only target for them is to stay alive. Well, that is all the game about.

The features of the game

The game comes with a lot of new and exciting features which include the following:

There is a total of 50 players in the game including you which means that you will be competing against 49 players for survival and to become the last one standing.

The game comes with multiple modes for you to try. Squad mode and solo mode are two of the modes.

The game is made quite realistic. You will get to see intricate details in the game. You will have a realistic experience while playing the game.

There are a lot of vehicles that can be found in the game which are used to crush the opponents and thus, enhance your chances of survival. The jeep has been newly added to the game.

The game provides you with a large variety of weapons and attachments which are going to help you in every step of the game.

In the game, you will have to formulate your own strategies and tricks in order to survive the game.

Now that you know the important details of the game you can play it nicely. If you haven’t tried the game yet then go test your survival skills in the game. Don’t forget that strategy is everything in this game!

iPhone Tutorial: How to Free Up System Disk Space

iPhone is the first revolutionary mobile phone developed by Apple. This new Smartphone is considered to be the best mobile phone in the market today that allows you to do everything you do on your notebook or desktop computer. One of the best feature about this iPhone is that it uses the concept of touch screen i.e. iPhone is operated with the help of your fingers and that makes it super cool phone, among several other smart phones.
Since, this is the first time for the Apple Company to introduce the iPhone, they have not been able to make this iPhone up to the customer’s satisfaction but there is no need to worry as several programmers are working to give a name to this iPhone and I will be helping the end users to make their iPhone a complete Smartphone.

Since, Apple iPhone is a smart mobile phone so it uses an operating system to run the same. It uses Symbian operating system and has around 300MB of total disk space available for system operations. Basically, this space is meant for operating system contents like various applications that you might want to install in order to enhance your iPhone but unfortunately you might have only few MBs left probably 30-40 MB only.

There is no need to worry about it, since, I am going to teach you a way by which you can increase this system disk space and free yourself from all worries until you install hundreds of applications on it.

NOTE: Please make sure that you do have ‘installer’ application installed on your iPhone. If you have performed jailbreak on your iPhone that you would probably have ‘installer’ application installed on your iPhone. Without the ‘installer application’ you will not be able to perform tweaks or install third party application on your iPhone.

I assume that you have the installer application installed on your iPhone, so, here is the step by step guide to free system disk space of your Apple iPhone.

Step 1: Switch on your Wi-Fi by going to Settings and then tap the Wi-Fi option. Switch on the Wi-Fi and select the desired network after available networks have been found. Now, go to installer icon by tapping it.

Step 2: Tap the install icon located below and from the categories, select ‘Utilities’. From the utilities window, select ‘BossTool’ and finally press the ‘Install’ button located on the top right corner to install the application.

Now, the application will install itself on the iPhone and after the application has been successfully installed, it will return to the categories of the installer application.

Step 3: Press the ‘HOME’ button of your iPhone, the one located on the lower center of the iPhone. Now, the springboard will reboot itself and then after a few seconds you will notice the BossTool installed on your iPhone.

Step 4: Tap the ‘BossTool’ to open the ‘BossTool’ application window. The first time it will ask you to donate but you can select ‘Donate later’ to skip the donation process. Tap the ‘Free Disk Space’ option to open the sub options.

Step 5: From there tap the ‘Relocate Fonts’ option to move the fonts from the system disk space to the 2nd partition that is meant to store programs other than system programs. Press the ‘Do it’ button to initiate the process. Once the process is successfully completed, it will return you to the BossTool options. Now, it will show ‘Fonts Already Moved’.

Now, you will notice that the free space has increased by about 80-90 MB as compared to earlier which could be anything depending on the number of applications on your iPhone. On my iPhone, the initial free space was 30 MB and thereafter it increased to 117 MB.

If you want to free more system space, then you can choose the other 2 options i.e. Relocate ringtones amp; Relocate Applications but my advice is not to choose those 2 options unless and until you are really very low on system space.

The Ultimate Guns of Boom Hack for You

Guns of boom is a very popular game developed by the Game Insight. This game deals with guns and weapons and it’s quite different than ordinary video games. There are more than 48 types of weapons in this game. So for winning this game you have to constantly upgrade all your weapons for using new features. Currency plays a major role in this game. You can also use various guns of boom cheats for making the game easier for you. This is a game which includes pure action so you can kill your free time by attacking your opponents.

Points to keep in mind – you need to use guns of boom cheats

While playing an action game you will have a tendency to destroy everything that is coming into your view. This game has tied levels, Auto Fire, and various auto aim so you can easily use them. Always choose an area that is hard to reach so that you can easily target your opponent from there.

Grenade is one of the easiest ways to destroy your enemies even at the last minute. If you are facing any enemy in front of you so instead of using the rifle it will be a wise decision to use the grenade. They are very much powerful so you can easily use them from a mid-range and it can easily cause a huge damage with just a hit and here you just don’t have to be very much accurate or clever.

You should learn about the guns properly in order to know when to use them and which one will suit your style. You can increase your gun count by taking the gun of your opponent when they are dying. Even if the weapon looks similar to your weapon still you should pick it because it may happen that it is having updated version than yours.

There are many more resources like the health packs. If you are having a good health pack then it will be very much advantageous for you in the battlefield. Always try to be aggressive when you hunting your enemies.

Do not go to the battlefield without having a good jacket. The game is very easy if you can strategize well and know how to use the weapons properly. So keep upgrading the weapons to get new features. Try to include all your known friends in your clan so that you can do a proper attack as you trust the people who are in your clan. If you’re planning to go solo in this game then chances of facing failure is more. If you are unable to get more resources then you can try for guns of boom cheats or tool which is very much effective.

There are many guns of boom cheats with you can try but make sure you are not providing any personal details as it can become quite dangerous. Do not go for website that is asking for money in return of resources. Check the sites properly before selecting the site. Go through all the reviews before using the tool.

A Short Introduction to the SimCity: Buildit Mobile Game

Mobile games have been a rage in the recent years. Companies have been releasing new and interesting games almost every other day. They need to keep the consumers entertained by one way or the other. The famous console or PC based games are being changed into mobile games for easy access. Most of these mobile games are free, which becomes attracting to anybody who does not own a PC or gaming console. EA is a world famous company that frequently releases video games. One of their most famous games is the SimCity. They have released a mobile version as well called the SimCity Buildit. So, let us know more about it.

What is SimCity Buildit?

Simcity Buildit is a free mobile-based game that has been released by the same people who released SimCity. The game was first introduced in 2014 by Electronic Arts, its mother company. The app is available for both Android and ios platforms. The graphics of the game is good, and it was received well in the gaming world. People get the game for free, and they get 25,000 simoleons and 50 SimCash when they join the game. The main aim of the game is to build a city.

Features of the Game:

Features of any game are crucial for the playing. They make it interesting to the players and grab their attention. So, here are features of SimCity Builtit:

• The player is the Mayor of the city. They will build the city in their way and make the city larger and larger. Everything needs to be organized in the best possible way to run the city. The player will build the buildings and also enhance the things already there in the city.

• They do this by using five main currencies that are available in the game. The currencies are Simoleons, SimCash, Golden Keys, Platinum Keys and Neo Simoleons. All currencies work in different ways in the game. SimCash has to be purchased through real money or be generated by a simcity buildit hack 2018.

• The city is divided into zones of Residential, Industrial, and Commercial. In the residential zone, there are different types of building and players can collect the tax according to the happiness meter of the residents. Also, players can build two-lane roads, and after that, they have to upgrade it. To make the cities better one needs to unlock the default building with higher levels.

• There are some disasters that a city can face. With time these will be unlocked, and a player has to battle the disaster.

• Even though the game is in a single player platform, they have organized something called the club wars. This is a PvsP competition where the mayors will fight it off for rewards.

So, here is a comprehensive overview of the Simcity Buildit game. It is loved by many and has been chosen as Editors Choice by Google for 2017. It is a fun game to be engaged in, and everyone will enjoy it. It is also something that a kid or teenager will enjoy.

What is Mobile Legends all about?

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a MOBA or an online multiplayer game played over a battle arena. The main theme of the game is to take part in battles against the opponent and destroy their base while defending your own. There are three types of lanes, the bottom, the middle and the top. These are directly connected to the bases and give you control of the path.

Each team has five players who are also known as avatars or heroes. These characters are controlled from mobile phones. There are other weaker characters controlled by the computer. These characters are known as “minions” and take part in the battles together with the avatars. The game is designed exclusively for the mobile phones and can be played over android as well as iOS platforms.

Choose your own heroes for the battle

The most interesting aspect of Mobile Legends is that it can be played against real human opponents. This helps in creating a more realistic gameplay. You can team up with your favorite players to build a strong team. There are also no restrictions when it comes to choosing the avatars. However, you will have to complete a given set of tasks to unlock the more powerful characters. The common activities in the game are tower rushing, jungling, laning and team battles.

Strategizing and teamwork

This is a strategy game, and to emerge victorious in a battle, you need to have a well-developed strategy. Teaming up with strong comrades can make it easier for you to take over enemies and grow more powerful. You can also heal your teammates and block damage from the enemies as you go further into the game. New avatars are continuously added to the game, and each has its own special powers. You can choose from a range of assassins, tanks, marksmen, mages, supports and more to create the type of gameplay you want with mobile legends hack tool.

Easy controls

One of the aspects that make Mobile Legends so popular is that it has very easy controls. There are two buttons towards the right and a virtual joystick through which you can control your characters. Hence, you can play the entire game using only two fingers. This ensures that you do not experience any finger fatigue even if you play the game for a prolonged period of time. This ensures that you never miss a tap, thereby making the gameplay a lot more interesting.

Now it is possible to get Clash Royale Free Gems

Have you ever played the Clash Royale game? If the answer is no and you do not know anything about it, then read this article and get to know everything about it in a few minutes. Everyone loves to play the game in his or her childhood, and this gradually builds interest in him or her. Many games online promise their users to provide them with utmost experience but ultimately fail to provide the most of the experience. However, the Clash Royale game provides their users and player an innovative platform to get the real experience of the game.

This game has multiplied their player each month, and it continues to provide them the real experience of the game that most of the people are in search off. The players love to play Clash Royale hack gems as it provides them various tips to get the gems in abundance. The tips and tricks help them to collect Clash Royale Free Gems not only in abundance but also help them to know where to use those free gems. If you fail to defeat the opponent, then this will be not the case after you read the paragraph below.

By using the hack tools you can get Free Gems for playing Clash Royale:

The hack tool lets you get unlimited gems that are not only rare but also epic. This will let you build a valuable currency. You can collect the Clash Royale Free Gems effortlessly by using it.

It also lets you get the valuable currencies like the gold, elixir so that you can make use of it in the game and win the game with your build strategy.

The cheat or hack tool gives the player a boosting experience of the game and lets the player encounter the opponent very easily. You can take the full advantages of the tools and hack to trick and fool your opponent and get the Clash Royale Free Gems very easily.

No matter you have the money to buy gold or gems; such hack tools help you to get the precious gems. It also lets you stay ahead in the game without any bully by the opponent.

Therefore, to experience the game and get Clash Royale Free Gems, you need to know more about the hack and cheat tools. If you want to taste the real flavor of the game, then make use of the tools and avail their benefits quickly. The tools and cheat provide the player a new experience that no other game offers.

Guns of Boom Hack- why choose it? Guns of Boom Hack- why choose it?

The trend of online and LAN gaming has gradually increased with immense speed in the past few years. Still, there come such opportunities when it is difficult for you to figure out the perfect ways of dealing with the critical stages of the game. One such game that is loved by millions of individuals today is the Guns of Boom. The game is really immersive and can be played on your mobile phone anytime and anywhere! But what’s the major issue that you may face? Well, certain stages of the game are actually so critical, that you need to find some relevant support to cross them, and thus, the only support in such situations is the Guns of Boom Hack. The credible hacks let you get immense benefits within minutes and beat your opponents with a perfect win.

How does the Guns of Boom Hack iOS help you out?

During the curse of this game, there are several stages that you may need to cross. Moreover, at the same time, killing more opponents and saving your lives is essential. The whole game runs on gold and gunbucks. But while you play the game, the most difficult thing that you may face is the scarcity of these resources.

When you start playing the game and log in with your account, there is a preset amount of resources provided to you; they may slowly end up while you advance in the levels and thus, the most effective thing that helps you here is the Guns of Boom Hack. The hack lets you enjoy the unlimited access to these resources that stay with you throughout the course of your game. Moreover, they are helpful as they let you get a good position in the game.

How to make the use of this hack tool and where to get it?

There are uncountable online websites and platforms that claim to provide you with the best hack. But, the major problem that arises is the security issue. While you plan to choose a hack tool, always make sure that it has been used by others and is reliable. To use the tool, you have to visit the official page of any credible website that provides you with the hack resources. Now click on the generator button, provide your info like the username, enter the no. of gold and gun bucks that you need and confirm the choice. It’s done! Thus, getting a Guns of Boom Hack is actually very easy and fascinating.